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First independent holiday

One of your child's greatest joys is the very first holiday on their own but for you it is one of the greatest anxieties. There is no clearly defined age of your child when you should both agree on an independent holiday.
Young people often ask for this kind of independence very early, but a very important factor is your child's maturity, relationship with you as a parent, level of trust, a group of friends your child is going with, the place where they are going on holiday as well as your own readiness for this kind of 'adventure'
It is necessary for your child's wishes and capabilities to coincide with your own capacity to 'cope' with this period. When you have to face this kind of decision you need to make sure that your child has got a return ticket, accommodation and food as a guarantee that they will have a safe place to sleep, enough food to eat and a way to come back home.
If your child spends all their pocket money too soon, this can then be the best possible way to learn how to look after their own money.
Agree with your child how often they need to phone you, what is acceptable behaviour, talk freely about your own fears and worries but make sure that a clear message is that you wish them a good time, a lot of sunshine and swimming in the sea and a safe return home.
In the end this is going to be their trip into the adult world and parental support is not only expected but is really advisable. When your child returns home you will have a lot to talk about.
We wish your child a great time; we wish you that the time of your child’s first independent holiday goes quickly with as little worries as possible.