Get ready for...

Entrance exams

Entrance exams are always frustrating for the person who has to take thembut also
for the whole family. Parents should bear in mind that it is much harder on the future
student as more responsibilities are on them.
Everyone’s expectations are high and the student himself expects the most. Preparations should start early to avoid additional anxiety. Parents can help by not asking the child when and how much they have studied as this creats a lot of tension.
Guidance is needed, of couse, as the child is frightened and their mind can wander off. The most important things for the child are: support, trust, encouragement, understanding of his fears and worries.
The day of the entrance exam is extremely important. Try to avoid pestering the
child – they have spent a sleepless night anyway. Offer them some food, a bottle
of water and the most importantly get your own optimism and the care for the child
ready as the child will certainly recognise them.
Encourage your child to do what they know they can do well first, then those tasks they are not quite sure about and to leave the tasks they find most difficult for last.
Confidence the child gains when they know they have done something well in the
test will improve their overall confidence, so they will successfully cope with the
whole situation to the very end.
Whatever the results there is no place for anger. There is always another entrance
exam which, if needed, the child can attend with less worry. Adults know that
worrying about something can be destructive especially after a negative experience.
If the results are as expected by the child and their parents, this is a big reason for
We believe that that you and your child will succeed not only in the entrance exam
but in the future education too.